Truth is An Amusing Concept
The Globe-Guardian Unleashed!


Truth is an Amusing Concept, featuring the very best of the Globe-Guardian, is available on Amazon in paperback and digital formats.

 The Globe-Guardian began inflicting its off-center, left-leaning sense of humor on web surfers in 1998. It continued punishing its pair of loyal readers for precisely part of decade until 2002, when it became “dynamically dormant.” With this publication, The Globe-Guardian has broken free of its internet bonds and escaped into the world!

Included are FutureNews stories. Readers who followed the news during the Globe-Guardian's active years may find themselves taking a stroll down Memory Lane, albeit a very dimly-lit, fog-shrouded version of that lane.

Also featured are  revealing interviews with Obscure Celebrities and examinations of the strange belief systems known as Religisms. Rounding out offerings are the Blimp Spotters Brigade, the Cyborg Alumni Association and the reader-alienating pronouncements of AnswerMan.

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