The Hereafter Handbook



The Hereafter Handbook
Humanity's Final Hope?


One of the funny things about life is how much time we spend wondering about the afterlife.

What happens when you die?
Is there life after death?
What is the soul?
What is the relationship of body, mind and soul?
What is God?
Are God and the Universe one and the same?
Is there a universal truth?
Does our behavior in life have an impact on our hereafter existence?

The Hereafter Handbook, a playful look at the Afterlife, is available on Amazon in paperback and digital editions.

The book offers a semi-serious preview of what human beings will encounter upon passing from this Earth and going on to their rewards. The information contained was dictated the author claims, by the Supreme Being -- not unlike many previous religious tomes.

The Hereafter Handbook aims at the lofty goal of extending the existence of the Human Race, which appears to be waffle-stomping it way to extinction. The book also provides detailed information on Afterlife conditions and many of the practices the still living may adopt (or avoid) to better position themselves at Eternity's starting gate.

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